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NTSB Cites "Company Culture" In Fatal Crash «Nine people were killed when a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter hit a mountain in Alaska in June 2015, and on Tuesday the NTSB said the pilot had a history of making bad decisions. "Lives depended on the pilot's decision making," said NTSB Acting Chairman...» 25. april 2017 Uber Summit Sets Serious Course «The whole idea of flying cars has come to symbolize the imagined future that never arrives, but Uber's Elevate Summit on Tuesday made clear that aviation's serious players are serious about this technology, and it's coming soon, and it's going to...» 25. april 2017 King Air Sales Down «Beechcraft's King Air twin turboprop has long been popular, with more than 3,000 built since the 1960s, but that doesn't make it invulnerable to market forces -- and a weak international market has driven down deliveries in the first quarter of...» 25. april 2017 FAA Graphical Weather Forecasts Now Live «The National Weather Service is now providing a new product, Graphical Forecasts for Aviation, which is intended to provide a complete picture of the weather that may impact flight in the continental U.S. The webpage, which is built with modern...» 25. april 2017 Kitty Hawk Unveils Flying-Car Prototype «A new vehicle revealed on Monday by Kitty Hawk Corp., the aircraft company led by CEO Sebastian Thrun, takes off and lands on water and qualifies for sale as an ultralight, the company said. "Your flying dreams will never be the same," says the...» 24. april 2017 BasicMed Checklist, Video Now Online «New medical rules for pilots, known as BasicMed, take effect May 1, but starting today, pilots can start to prepare for the new requirements. Forms and checklists for both pilots and doctors are posted online at the FAA website. The FAA also has...» 24. april 2017 VTOL Urban Taxi Summit In Dallas «Uber has attracted dozens of speakers from the aviation industry, government and technology sectors to a large summit on "urban air transportation" in Dallas this week. The Uber Elevate Summit kicks off Tuesday and features speeches and panel...» 23. april 2017 160-Knot VTOL Flying Car Flown Says Company «Lilium Aviation, of Munich, says it has flown a prototype of its all-electric VTOL tilt-engine aircraft that the company says will fly 160 knots in horizontal thrust configuration with a range of 180 miles. A video provided by the company of the...» 23. april 2017 Short Final «About 25 years ago I was hauling cargo in a beat-up C210 at dusk near PFN, FL, and overheard the following … ATC:  "Comair 1234, Nat'l Wx Service just advised us they have recently released a balloon in your area and they say it should be approx...» 24. april 2017 Sustainable Flight Center Stage In Silicon Valley «The Sustainable Aviation Symposium (SAS) opened Friday morning in Redwood City, California, for two days of seminars and discussions about the future of efficient flight. The event has drawn the attention of A-list attendees, including...» 21. april 2017 SAS: Wright Plans For "Electric 737" «Wright Electric, a San Los Obispo-based startup, aims to make every short commercial flight electric within 20 years by building what co-founder Jeff Engler calls their "electric 737." Wright's vision is a 150-seat, short-haul aircraft capable of...» 21. april 2017 SAS: Fresno Hopes To Train In Electric Aircraft «Subsidized by local funds from Fresno County, a fleet of four Pipistrel Alpha Electro trainers will be made available for primary training in California's Central Valley late this year, program organizers hope. Fresno County will be installing...» 21. april 2017 Electric Aircraft: Enabled, Still Struggling For Market «While electric aircraft have gained press notice, they've lagged in market penetration, partly because buyers don't fully understand the potential for electric aircraft. "I think it all comes down to people's expectations. The most straightforward...» 21. april 2017 BasicMed Course Imminent Says FAA «An online course that will satisfy the aeromedical education requirements of the BasicMed regulations should be approved sometime next week, FAA representatives told AVweb Thursday. BasicMed regulations will become effective on May 1, but one...» 20. april 2017 Continental Working With FAA On Cam Gear AD «Continental Motors is working with the FAA to dispel what they see as confusion and unnecessary concern about a mandatory service bulletin (MSB) issued by Continental Motors in early 2017 for a camshaft gear found mostly in older IO-520 and IO-550...» 20. april 2017
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