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Collier Rules Clarified: Non-American Companies Allowed «<p>The National Aeronautic Association, which annually awards the Collier Trophy, arguably the most important award in U.S. aviation, has clarified the criteria for nominees to assert that companies not based in the U.S. can win as long as they do...» 24. jan. 2019 Boeing Autonomous eVTOL Makes First Flight «<p>Boeing’s autonomous air taxi prototype successfully completed its first test flight on Tuesday in Manassas, Virginia. According to the company, the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft – which it calls a passenger air vehicle...» 23. jan. 2019 Unions Wary Of System Collapse «<p>Some of the largest unions whose members are directly affected by the government shutdown are warning that aviation safety is being compromised and they’re not sure when it might collapse.</p>» 23. jan. 2019 Attempted Hijacking Diverts Aeroflot 737 «<p>Aeroflot Flight SU1515 made an emergency landing at Russia’s Khanty-Mansiysk airport (HMA) after a passenger attempted to hijack the 737-800 on Tuesday. According to the airline, the individual was detained with no injuries to passengers or...» 22. jan. 2019 'New' TU-22 Crashes In Russia «<p>One of the first examples of the platform Russia intends to use to launch its new hypersonic missiles has crashed in a snowstorm in the Russian Arctic, killing three of four of the crew on board.</p>» 22. jan. 2019 Soccer Star On Missing Malibu «<p>An Argentine soccer star and the pilot of the Piper Malibu they were on are presumed dead after the single is believed to have crashed in the English Channel Tuesday evening.</p>» 22. jan. 2019 Drones Cause Newark Ground Stop «<p>Flights were disrupted at Newark Liberty Airport on Tuesday evening after two drones were spotted over Teterboro Airport, 17 miles away.</p>» 22. jan. 2019 Controllers Quitting To Find Paying Work «<p>Air traffic control personnel are resigning to seek other work after a month without pay and a union representative told CNN on Monday he expects more to come.</p>» 22. jan. 2019 Going For Cold «<p>It’s going to be a chilly 45 degrees in normally balmy Savannah, Georgia on Monday (near freezing overnight) so you can understand why those with access to the latest Gulfstream business jet might want to get out of town. But you might be...» 20. jan. 2019 E-Cigarette Battery Causes Baggage Hold Fire «<p>Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has determined that a small lithium ion battery used to power an e-cigarette caused a baggage compartment fire that resulted in a Mayday and subsequent emergency landing in Calgary last summer.</p>» 20. jan. 2019 Engines Quit On Landing 787 «<p>All Nippon Airways, Japanese authorities and Boeing are investigating why both engines on a 787-8 shut down simultaneously during rollout at Osaka Itami Airport last week.</p>» 20. jan. 2019 Airliner De-Iced With Hot Water «<p>Italian authorities are looking into the operations at Brindisi Airport after an Italian politician shot video of ground crews de-icing a Ryan Air aircraft with buckets of hot water.</p>» 20. jan. 2019 Suit Filed In Mountain Crash «<p>Family members of passengers killed in the 2016 crash of a Cessna 182 in Tennessee are claiming controllers should have warned the non-instrument-rated pilot he was about to hit a mountain in IMC.</p>» 19. jan. 2019 Israel Preparing Moon Shot «<p>Israel hopes to add its name to the growing list of spacefaring countries that have landed spacecraft on the moon.</p>» 19. jan. 2019 Jeppesen Hosting Loss Of Control Webinar «<p>Jeppesen will be hosting a free webinar next Tuesday to address loss of control situations from the pilot perspective. Topics will include discussion of how loss of control can happen and tips on how to recover. The one-hour event is scheduled...» 18. jan. 2019
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