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NTSB Blames Drone Operator In Collision «<p>The operator of a drone that collided with a U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter in September didn’t see the aircraft because he was flying the drone beyond visual range, the NTSB said on Thursday. The operator also lacked adequate knowledge of the...» 14. des. 2017 NASA X-Plane Battery Passes Tests «<p>NASA says its engineers reached a major milestone this week, successfully testing the battery system that will power the all-electric X-plane expected to take flight next year. “This was an extremely critical milestone for the overall project,”...» 14. des. 2017 ERAU Expands Aviation Research «<p>Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has received a $1 million federal grant to establish a new aviation and engineering research center in Florida, the school announced this week. The money will help to build the Applied Aviation and...» 13. des. 2017 Dassault Cancels 5X Program «<p>Faced with continuing delays in the development of the new Silvercrest jet engine from Safran, Dassault Aviation said on Wednesday the Falcon 5X program is cancelled. It will be replaced by a new Falcon jet with the same cross section, powered...» 13. des. 2017 No Fatalities In Canadian Airliner Crash «<p>There have been no reported fatalities in the crash of a regional airliner in northern Saskatchewan in Canada on Wednesday.</p>» 13. des. 2017 Blue Origin Test-Flies Crew Capsule «<p>Blue Origin, the company funded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos that’s working to develop sub-orbital space tourism, successfully launched a rocket from a west Texas site on Tuesday. The 60-foot-tall rocket carried crew capsule 2.0 on its first...» 13. des. 2017 FlightSafety&#8217;s PC-24 Simulator Approved «<p>Only a week after the FAA and EASA issued type certificate approvals for the Pilatus PC-24, FlightSafety has received FAA interim approval for its FS1000 Level C simulator for the new “super versatile jet.”</p>» 12. des. 2017 FAA Addresses FBO Concerns «<p>The FAA has responded to recent complaints from AOPA and others about rising costs and limited access at some FBOs at public-use airports, issuing a document that aims to clarify the issues. The six-page Q&A spells out the various obligations...» 12. des. 2017 Pilot Pleads Guilty To Intentional Ditching «<p>A Texas pilot has admitted to intentionally ditching his recently purchased Beech Baron in the Gulf of Mexico for the insurance money.</p>» 12. des. 2017 Air Force Shuts Down Talk Of Enlisted Aviators «<p>The aviation world was atwitter last week with the news that the U.S. Air Force had selected five recent enlistees to participate in a study on alternative pilot training techniques. The Air Force, however, confirms that they have no plans to...» 11. des. 2017 Australia Liberalizing Medical Certification «<p>Following a path similar to the FAA's BasicMed, Australian pilots without paying passengers will now have the option of a Basic Class 2 medical, which can be issued by a general practitioner. Pilots will be limited to day VFR conditions, in...» 11. des. 2017 Crash Pilot Not Properly Licensed «<p>The pilot who died along with his four passengers in the crash of a Beech Baron on the Caribbean island of St. Croix last week apparently didn’t have the multi-engine rating or night experience that would have been minimum requirements for the...» 10. des. 2017 Air Force To Try Enlisted Pilots «<p>After looking to the airlines, the recently retired and just about anywhere else it could to fill a growing shortage of pilots, the Air Force is now looking to its own ranks, its enlisted ranks, to fill the void.</p>» 10. des. 2017 Short Final «<p>We were in a long holding pattern at STL on a typical bad day there. Approach Control gave a direct clearance to another aircraft and canceled his hold … Pilot: "Roger, cleared direct; you read my mind.” … Anonymous voice: "It was a short...» 11. des. 2017 Boeing Eyes 767 Production Boost «<p>Rather than plunge into the development of two new clean-sheet designs, it now seems like Boeing is going to spend a few years concentrating on the tried and true.</p>» 10. des. 2017
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